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Trisha’s journey with Granite Belt Insurance Brokers commenced in 2023, following her relocation to the Stanthorpe area in 2020. With a rich professional background, Trisha brings a wealth of experience in Life Insurance and Workers’ Compensation to her role.

Her career trajectory has seen her assume diverse positions such as Claims Technical Specialist, Capability and Development Coach, and Senior Claims Manager, reflecting her expertise in various facets of the insurance industry. Trisha’s skill set encompasses Quality Assurance, Best Practice Case Management, IT Systems Development, Staff Training, and Company Systems Process Mapping. She has also spearheaded pilot programs like Holistic Case Management, underscoring her innovative approach to problem-solving.

At Granite Belt Insurance Brokers, Trisha wears multiple hats, managing all Claims while also overseeing Quality Assurance Administration. Her part-time schedule on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays ensures efficient handling of responsibilities while maintaining a balance.

Trisha’s commitment to professional development is evident in her pursuit of qualifications, including undertaking ANZIIF Tier 1 General Insurance Broking and obtaining a Graduate Certificate in Case Management (Disability and Employment Services). Her dedication to excellence and holistic client support underscores her invaluable contribution to the GBIB team.


  • Tier 2 ANZIIF
  • Graduate Certificate in Case Management
  • Certificate III Business Administration
  • NIBA (National Insurance Brokers Association) – Associate Member